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As a specialist tax consultancy, we offer tailored Capital Gains Tax strategies to individuals in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and elsewhere across the UK.

Whether you’re selling off your entire portfolio of assets or just a part of it, the rate of CGT levied depends on the nature of the asset being sold and your taxable income.

We have extensive knowledge of CGT and can help you reduce your tax bill. We’ll also calculate your tax liability and prepare and submit your CGT return within the 60-day limit to report residential property gains and make tax payments to HMRC. The earlier you start planning, the better.


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CGT is a tax on the profit when an asset that has increased in value is sold or disposed of. Such assets could include:

  • Shares not held in a PEP or ISA
  • Property apart from your main home
  • A business asset such as plant and machinery
  • Your main home in any of the following circumstances if:
    • It hasn’t always been your main home
    • You have let it at any point in time
    • You’re using it as a place of business
    • It has a significant amount of land attached to it
  • Most personal possessions that are worth more than £6,000

Avoiding CGT entirely is often not possible, but there are several instances where you may benefit from the tax legislation:

  • If you sell the main home you’ve lived in throughout and never let out (in whole or part) to anyone, you don’t need to pay CGT.
  • It’s also possible to obtain incorporation relief to escape CGT when transferring properties into a limited business.
  • Each tax year, individuals in the UK have a tax-free allowance for capital gains. If your total gains are below this threshold, you won’t have to pay CGT.
  • Transfers of assets between spouses or civil partners are typically CGT-free. If your spouse or civil partner has not used their annual exempt amount, transferring an asset to them before selling it could reduce the overall CGT liability.
  • Investing in qualifying companies through EIS or SEIS can offer CGT deferral or exemption under certain conditions.
  • If you give an asset to a charity, you typically won’t have to pay CGT on it.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, and we’re happy to consult you for free and clear any doubts regarding CGT exemption.


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We specialise in navigating the complexities of CGT for construction entities under CIS. We can calculate and report gains or losses on property and equipment sales, helping you meet all tax obligations.

In healthcare, CGT management often involves assets like medical equipment and property. Get strategic advice from our staff for minimising liabilities and maximising tax relief opportunities specific to healthcare investments.

For hospitality businesses, we handle CGT calculations on the sale of assets such as properties and fixtures, offering guidance to reduce tax impact and reinvest effectively in your business. Our Capital Gains Tax accountants won’t disappoint.


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