Starting a new business, especially if it is your first experience, can be a scary and intimidating notion. There are numerous hidden pitfalls along the way, which you shall carefully navigate. However, whatever the risks are, starting your own business also brings along numerous benefits and growth opportunities with it, which are scarce when you are employed.

Here I will try to guide you on how to start a small business while navigating you through all potential pitfalls.

Getting started

The first thing a person faces when starting a new business is the fear of failing. Many people dream of starting a new business, but they never could due to their fear of losing money and time. Being your boss is scary, and it brings along numerous risks. Worrying about the risks is normal, but it shall not be a hurdle in following your dreams to open a new business. Every success comes after facing certain risks. You just need to take a leap of faith, and then the sky is the limit.

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Observe and learn from your surrounding

When starting a new business, it is best to learn from your environment while listening to people, what they have to say about your ideas. Start by working out ideas yourself and then sharing them with the experts, friends, and family while collecting opinions and respond to your ideas. Taking advice from experts who have prior experience can be very helpful in determining different prospects of your startup. Also, evaluate other similar businesses; their strategies, and their mistakes. It will give you a rough sketch of how your business will appeal to the customer and general public while giving you a brief idea about your business prospects. You can also pen down your ideas and future goals, but remember not to limit them. Write everything that comes to mind concerning your business.

Providing a solution

The best businesses are centered around what people want to buy rather than on what they want to sell. Determining what people want to buy will help you create a market for your business. You need to provide a solution to a problem. Understand what motivates you to launch a business and build your brand and market around your motive. e.g., Elon Musk created PayPal because he knew people face the problem of transacting money online.

Start from something simple

While starting a new business, you shall always keep in mind to keep everything simple. Look for the simplest way you can achieve your business objectives. Remember not to overthink your concept into something complicated, which could end up in an expensive and unnecessarily complicated product that nobody wants. Start your business with something small while gradually testing it in the consumer market. It will provide you with valuable insight into your products. You can add or cut some futures of your product depending on the consumer choices while gradually moving towards complex ideas as your business grows.

Keep efficient finances

The most important aspect of a business is its finances. You have to budget all the expenses necessary to launch and operate your business. It includes costs on equipment, location, human resources, marketing, and more. Remember to keep some margin for any unexpected scenarios in the total cost you evaluated. If you do not have enough capital, look for other options like an investor or small business loans.

If you need any help in managing your finances LYEL Accountants is here for you. With our extensive financial experience, LYEL Accountants provide you the best business planning services. We make sure your business plan is optimized, ensuring maximum output and possible financial investments. If you need help in any aspect of your business plan, feel free to contact us.

Advertisement, PR, and Marketing

To run a successful business, you need to speak up about your business. You need to introduce your products and service to potential customers. You need to build an image of your business for marketing it to the public. Once you set a foot into the business world, you are going to get flooded by your competitors. Advertisement helps you compete by convincing the consumer because they shall choose your products over others. For good marketing, you need to create your presence on all possible platforms. Having good advertising and marketing strategy can help you attract a lot of potential customers to your business.

Follow the legalities

Most business owners dread the word legalities. Setting up a new business can be exciting but understanding the legal binding when starting and running your business can be an unpleasant experience. If you fail to comply with government regulation you may face penalties. To prevent your business from penalties you should form a legal structure of your business which includes setting up an accounting system, registering your business, taking care of all tax liabilities, and managing payroll for your employees. There is a lot to handle when we talk about business legalities, but you need not worry. At LYEL Accountants, we provide you extensive legal services at a low cost, so you worry about your business while we handle the numbers.


Ishfaq Shah

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